EAF Deltas - DC Donuts - Furnace Electrode Sleeves

Liberty Cast QLC-85C

Fight off slag penetration; thermal spalling and hot gas/particle erosion wear mechanisms with our “QLC-85C” pre-cast deltas, donut inserts, and electrode sleeves. QLC-85C is a high quality, high purity coarse aggregate, low cement, 85% AL2O3 casting mix designed specifically for better performance in EAF Deltas and other furnace inserts. How “QLC-85C” provides better performance is described below.

Wear Mechanism QLC-85C Advantages in Operation
Thermal Spalling The coarse, high purity aggregate provides better resistance to hot face peeling as cracks are stopped by the large H.P. aggregate. The stainless steel needles alone are not effective at the hot face temperatures.
Slag Penetration The higher 85% AL2O3 content and low porosity fight slag attack so that less of the hot face is penetrated by FeO Slags. Less melting and wear occur.
Spalling resistance is also improved as less of the hot face is penetrated by FeO Slag; this slag-altered zone will then shrink more rapidly and peel off on cooling as the roof is repeatedly swung open.
Hot Gas and Particle Erosion Less erosion takes place as the coarse, high purity aggregates resists the blast of hot gas particles better than a normal bauxite grain. In addition, less liquid phases form within the material thus providing a tough refractory matrix that lasts longer in hot abrasive conditions.

QSP-94C Advantages

For very severe EAF operations, AJF also offers our QSP 94C Deltas. These high purity alumina (94% AL2O3), MA-Spinel forming, no-cement castable are extremely slag resistant (FeO slags) and provide very long service lives.

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