Pre-Cast Shapes

AJF Inc. is a leading supplier of highest quality pre-cast furnace, ladle, and tundish shapes available on the market. Each product has been designed for optimum performance and long durability in its respective environment. Our pre-cast shapes fall under the following categories:


  • Deltas
    1. VAD Delta
    2. DC Deltas
    3. LMF Deltas
  • Runners
  • Breast Blocks & Jambs
  • Electrode Savers


  • Pre-Cast Bottoms & Impact Pads
  • Well Blocks
  • Argon Nest Blocks
  • Ladle Lip Retaining System
  • Safety Bottoms
  • Ladle Met Roof


  • Flow Control Shapes
    1. Baffles
    2. Dams
    3. Weirs
    4. Anti-Splash Devices
  • Back Up Linings
  • Anti Vortex System of Measurement (AVSM)