Nozzle Fill Sand

Ladle Nozzle Fill Sand

nozzle fill sandOur ladle nozzle fill sands have been developed to meet the needs of steel making facilities worldwide.  Each blend is carefully designed to enhance the free flow of steel from the ladle regardless of steelmaking practices.  This is achieved through custom blending which affords each customer a product specific to their manufacturing needs. Working with each customer we can evaluate and offer a sand product to optimize their free open performance. 

Equally important to supplying the right sand is using an effective delivery method to ensure the sand reaches the target area. AJF Inc. has supplied innovative delivery solutions to World Class Steel Makers in order to provide proper sand placement.

“We aren’t just in the sand business…we’re in the free open business!”
- James Patrick McGuire

Cleanflow Series

Our Cleanflow Series is a chromite/silica based sand blend that is designed for standard to long residence time operations.

Zirflow Series

Our Zirflow Series is a zircon/chromite/silica sand blend that offers exceptional performance for long residence operations or tough operational conditions.


Zircon offers high refractoriness, melting point (+4000 0F) and high thermal conductivity with low thermal expansion.

Sand Cartridges

The Sand Cartridge System is a unique device designed to ensure the free flow of steel from ladles. The cartridge prevents anything which may cause a non-free open from entering the nozzle when the ladle is set upright after prep, prior to sanding.

Sand Cartridges offer a focused sanding delivery system. It's safe, cost effective, and easy to use. To read more on our Sand Cartridge System Click Here.