Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Complete customer satisfaction is our highest priority. Across America we offer only the highest quality products supported by our superior level of customer service. We push the limits of innovation and creativity in order to fulfill the needs of our growing industry. Our products are manufactured with some of the industry’s best raw materials that will guarantee to meet or exceed our customers' expectations. Our commitment to our customers and our products recognizes AJF Inc. as an industry leader in quality and service.

In pursuit of this overall policy, it is the goal of the company that:

  • No product offered to a customer will contain a known condition that is inconsistent with the public interest, applicable contract requirements or advertised specifications, and laws and regulations applying to it.

  • Products containing the company trademark must be made to the same exacting product standards and quality assurance requirements regardless of where the material was purchased or manufactured.

  • All products offered for sale to the company’s customer must be consistent with the public interest, applicable laws and regulations, and contract requirements or advertised quality specifications.