AJF Inc. is a leading supplier of highest quality alumina, magnesia, and spinel castables, available on the market. Each product has been designed for optimum performance and long durability in its respective environment. Our castable products fall under the following categories:

Alumina Products

alimina productsAlumina Products…Our QLC series products are designed with high hot strength for resistance to hot load abrasion and hot metal erosion. Each product features volume stability throughout its temperature range. QLC castable product uses include (not limited to):

  • Steel Ladle & Iron Ladle Bottoms
  • Impact Pads
  • Furnace Deltas
  • Well Blocks

Magnesia Products

well blocksComprised of high purity MgO, our QMag products feature high density and volume stability with excellent resistance to hot metal and slag erosion. QMag castable product uses include (not limited to):

  • Electric Furnace Runners
  • Well Blocks
  • Electric Furnace Breast Blocks
  • Various Tundish Shapes
  • Ladle Lip Rings

Spinel Products

Spinel castables are made from high purity, white fused alumina based, no cement castable with magnesium aluminate spinel for superior resistance to slag/steel penetration.  Our spinel products provide excellent abrasion/corrosion/erosion resistance to molten steel and steelmaking slags. QSP castable product uses include (not limited to):

  • Ladle Well Blocks
  • Ladle Pads and Full Bottoms
  • Argon Plug Blocks
  • Induction Furnaces
  • Crucibles