AVSM - Anti-Vortexing Steel Measurement Device

The AVSM, developed by AJF Inc., is used to control the vortexing and measure steel bath depth in the tundish.

AVSM - anti vortex steel measing deviceThe principle mechanism behind the accuracy and reliability of the AVSM is its specific gravity and its geometry. These characteristics allow the AVSM to locate at the slag/steel interface with each measurement. The change in the bath depth is transmitted to the top of the tundish where it is indicated on the sight device. The location of the AVSM in the vortex prevents slag carry-over into the mold cavity.

Benefits of the AVSM Include:
anti vortex steel measuring device

  • Increase in yield, typically from 5 to 15 tons per tundish drain or change
  • Accurately measures steel depth compared to variable load cells or coils
  • Prevents slag carry-over into the tundish or mold